The Association

The Sentiero del Tidone is an ambitious project that was started by a group of volunteers who continue to look after and maintain the path.

It all started with a small group of friends who were passionate about hiking, trekking and MTB cycling. The idea was to connect the confluence with the source along the banks of the river Tidone.

In 2012 the association was formed and work began along the footpath, parts of which existed and others that needed to be cleared and made accessible. After a year and a half of hard work and plenty of paper work the first 45km part of the path was officially opened on 10 May 2014. It passed through 7 districts:- Rottofreno, Sarmato, Borgonovo, Pianello Val Tidone, Nibbiano, Caminata and Pecorara.

The collaboration with the Consorzio di Bonifica (the local waterworks company) made it possible to make a footpath along the banks of the Molato dam lake. A further 5 km was then made accessible up to Le Moline in the Zavattarello district.

In the summer of 2015 the final part of the path was cleared to the source of the river Tidone.

The path is now 69 km long and has signposts along the entire route. Every now and then one will find picnic areas, information boards and maps of the footpath.

The Sentiero del Tidone Association would like to thank all those involved in the realization of this project.

Consorzio di bonifica di Piacenza

BCC Banca di Credito Cooperativo

IAT Val Tidone Val Luretta

Associazione La Valtidone

Associazione Casa Grande